Staff & Training


STAFF and Training:

At present Director Saylor is the only person on staff.

Future staff will be added as finances allow in the following order of priority.
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Community Outreach Associate
  • Counselor


Online training is available for the following:

  • CSC Level One Training: This is considered a Basic Course. It is a 3 day seminar designed to provide instruction in the core areas needed for a Community Service Chaplain.
  • CSC Level Two Training: This is an advanced course designed to provide a higher degree of compentency for those having completed the Level One course.
  • for online training information. 

Training available through NPC:

  • CERTS CHAPLAINCY: This is a course designed to meet the requirements of FEMA’s CERTS. CERTS stands for Community Emergency Response Teams. This course is taught from a Chaplain’s perpective and response in order to allow the CERT Chaplain to function as a CERT member in times of disaster. At the successful completion of the course, Chaplains will be issued a recognized CERT ID card.
  • Suicide Prevention: QPR is a one hour Gatekeeper training; SafeTALK is a 3 hour training program. QPR is P.O.S,T. certified.
  • Peer Support is a 6 hour course designed for Police Departments and is P.O.S.T certified. 
  • First Responder Stress Training is a 3 hour course designed to provide understanding of stress and how to manage it.  
  • Clergy/CISM Intergration.  This course is designed to show how the two groups can work together. 
  • Stress & Trauma training.  This course looks at stress and how trauma affect people and how to help them.  
  • Monthly trainings via technology will be introduced when it is available to NPC. This will be one way to keep CSC’s current and connected.