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Northern Plains Chaplaincy wants to provide trained Community Service Chaplains throughout the upper midwest beginning in North Dakota.  Training opportunities are available online for Level I (Basic CSC) and Level II (Advanced CSC) at  Specialized courses are offered within the State from time to time.  It is expected that all CSC's would adhere to the NPC Code of Ethics.  

Northern Plains Chaplaincy Code of Ethics

  • The Community Service Chaplains shall act as Chaplain to ALL employees of the agency, firm or organization which he/she serves and shall stand ready to act in this capacity if requested.
  • The Community Service Chaplains shall report to the individual(s) so designated by agency policy and shall be responsible for matters pertaining to the operations of the organization (within the scope of the Chaplain’s duty).
  • The Community Service Chaplains shall exercise professional and ecclesiastical ethics. He/she shall maintain an attitude of service and assistance with all employees regardless of the religious background of the employee.
  • The Community Service Chaplains shall keep all counseling in the strictest of confidence. Suspension or termination can be expected for a violation of confidentiality with the exception of the following:
    1. the counselee’s life is at risk,
    2. the life of another is at risk,
    3. a danger to community or national security.
  • The Community Service Chaplain shall make himself/herself available to the agency at all times, either by telephone, beeper or other communication which may be provided by employer.
  • The Community Service Chaplains, when providing services, shall make themselves aware of the policies of the agencies Employee Assistance Program office when making referrals.
  • The Community Service Chaplain is not to become a part of the official grievance procedures. This does not exempt the Chaplain from his/her confidential counseling responsibilities.
  • The Community Service Chaplains shall not publicly comment on the action of the agency or organization being served, its management, administration, or employees.
  • The Community Service Chaplains shall not release or disseminate any information to the press, news media, insurance companies, or attorneys regarding agency information. All information secured by Community Service Chaplains is held in confidence and used only at the discretion of the agency employees.
  • The Community Service Chaplain shall submit statistical reports on the activities of the Chaplain’s Program. These reports are to be submitted to the Employer or his/her designate. The frequency of reporting is to be determined by the office administration.
  • The Community Service Chaplains shall be subject to proper protocol and disciplinary procedures while serving in the capacity of a Community Service Chaplain.