About Us

Northern Plains Chaplaincy exists to develop an organization for the development of Community Service Chaplains so that they may bring a non-anxious presence to people in crisis by providing emotional first aid.

Northern Plains Chaplaincy is the only organization in the state of North Dakota that offers a complete program for community Chaplains. These are essentially volunteers who are trained with the skills necessary to provide help to their communities. The mission is fourfold:

  1. Recruitment - In every community there are people who are caring individuals but lack the needed training to be effective helpers. Northern Plains Chaplaincy will work with community and religious leaders to identify and recruit these individuals. Volunteers will come from clergy and lay persons.
  2. Training - Training is provided by a Certified Instructor using the manual “CSC Basic Manual”. This text is accredited by a number of colleges and universities in the US and internationally. The Basic Course is designed as a 3 day course. Instructors and course materials are certified by the International Association of Community Service Chaplains. Sam Saylor is a certified trainer with the Chaplain's Commission and has trained hundreds of CSC’s in the US and Canada. He is also a contributor and editor of the training manual.
  3. Certification - Certification is not a form of licensure but provides credential for chaplaincy purposes only. All CSC’s must complete the proper application, pass a criminal background check and pay all necessary and applicable fees. Ministers will be required to have an ecclesiastical endorsement while non-ministers must have a letter of endorsement by their local pastor or priest.
  4. Accountability - CSC’s are accountasble to the agency they serve and if requred will  provide a monthly report of their activities to the agency they serve. 

    Board of Directors:

  • Chris Ondrovich - Pastor of Lighthouse Church of God
  • DeVawn Beckman – Associate Pastor of West Minot Church of God.
  • Brian Saylor – Director of Choral Activities at Bismarck High School
  • David Kemp - Administrative Bishop of North Central Region Church of God
  • Additional directors will be added as the organization grows.